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If you are in search of a church charter or affiliation, we welcome you to apply as an independent affiliate of our worldwide church:
BELONG: “The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ” is a Church that believes God has put inside of every human being the need for love, acceptance, support and encouragement. He did not intend for us to live our lives alone and on our own. Through our personal relationship with Jesus Christ as our living Savior and Lord, we belong to God and become a part of His family. Our connection to God automatically connects us with each other. We will intentionally seek to create an environment that is open, accepting and where meaningful relationships can be established. We believe to belong. (Romans 1:6, Galatians 6:10, Romans 14:8)
GROW: Where there is growth there is life. We believe it is God’s desire to for us to continually be learning, maturing, changing, and moving in our relationship with God, with each other and with ourselves. The goal is to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ in all aspects of our lives. This is an exciting journey that lasts a lifetime. We as “The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ” will seek to provide the things necessary to encourage spiritual life to thrive. (1Corinthians 3:6-7, Ephesians 4:14-16, 1Peter 2:2)
SERVE: Members of “The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ” realize that Part of the growth process for us is discovering the gifts and abilities that God has uniquely given to us. Each of us is different and brings something special to the community that only we can bring. It is God’s desire that each person use his/her gifts and abilities to strengthen the “body”. As a member of the community, every person is valued and needed in order to function properly. We will work to help people discover their gifts, then equip and release them to serve. (Mark 9:35, Mark 10:43, John 13:3-5)
IMPACT: As a part of God’s family at “The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ” we are called to make an impact in the world. Even as light impacts a dark room, we are to be a source of light to the world. God has given us an assignment, and that is to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” This is our primary goal as a church and will be accomplished through missions, church planting and branch seminary development. We want the world to know the love that God has for them. (Matthew 28:19, Matthew 5:14, Luke 8:16)
WORSHIP: As dedicated members of “The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ” the greatest things that we can do is to worship and serve God with every part of our being; mind, spirit and body. We encourage our members of “The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ” to foster an atmosphere that encourages worship that is free, creative and authentic. The ultimate goal is, becoming people who worship God with their very lives. (Hebrews 13:15, Romans12:1-2, John 4:24)
World Vision
Our vision involves expansion of Discipleship through Christ centered, Biblical education by affiliating with existing churches and planting of new Churches of “The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ” all over the world and we are very interested in churches that would like to become chartered with our Worldwide Ministries. We are recognized as a nondenominational Church and open to all believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ, is a ministry of Christian Alliance Ministries. Our ministry has many thousands of members and many ministries including thousands of Churches and hundreds of branch seminaries and university branches in 38 Countries.
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