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by Dr. Howard M. Sarkela
People who have truly come to that deeper relationship in Jesus Christ, who have come to know him in that quiet personal place of communion and deep communication, do not fit, and will not fit into the present day structure of mainstream "Christianity"

Today's "Christianity", is almost a psuedo Christianity, centered on a congregation and or pastor of a church organization. Focused on community programs perhaps, but not centered on Christ through His simple Gospel. The mainstream "church" has become focused on Man's interpretation of a relationship with Christ, which is religion. The mainstream church is not focused on the Christ who speaks through His living Word.

Many, like sheep have gone astray, following the precepts of men and doctrines of devils, such as the Prosperity Gospel, which is another Gospel and is saturating the pulpit messages of mainstream Christianity throughout the world today. Congregations today, are filled with those who Wish to have their ears tickled, as they are instructed on how to receive financial and material blessing, rather than how they may serve the Lord. My Bible teaches me that True Christianity is a servanthood lifestyle of obedience and sacrifice and that I am to deny myself and seek to be His bondslave..This is not what is being taught from pulpits today. Congregations far and wide are being led astray by self pleasing messages, rather than desiring to be edified by the pure Truth of His living Word of God. There is a simple test.. Have we forgotten it so quickly? We are to do all for the Glory of Jesus Christ. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is to Glorify Jesus Christ. Does lifting up SELF and seeking to become financially prosperous, glorify Jesus Christ?

We are not to seek place or position or lofty ambitions in this world. If a position is required, God will appoint you. We are not to seek a life of splendor in palaces of pleasure in this world. We are to seek His Will, NOT OUR DESIRES, with obedience and a humble spirit willing to sacrifice. Our reward is not in this world, but in the new heavens and new earth which few shall find.

We are to be denying self.. Self is flesh. Self is Sin. We are to give NO place to desires of the flesh. I am to die to self, by going to the cross daily, knowing Him in His death and His sufferings and in the power of His resurrection.

Our Lord is saying, "Children come unto me... deny the false teaching, deny the false teachers.." If you are attending a church where the false Gospel of prosperity is the focus of all that is being taught, leave that place immediately, before judgement comes upon that group and all who are in agreement with it. The scripture tells us: "If any man preaches to you another Gospel, let him be cursed." Such establishments are not of God and they are cursed...

All the riches of the ages, are contained in our True Gospel. True prosperity is Love, Joy and Peace in the Holy Ghost. The anointing breaks every yoke of bondage and sets you free from poverty. But, our goal is to please Him, not SELF. Do you want fulfillment? Do you want total victory over all of the negative effects of the devil in this world? Then deny yourself, pick up HIs cross and follow Him. Empty yourself and be filled with Him. Let this mind be in you, that was also in Christ Jesus.

Serve Him only, with all of your power and all of your might. surrender all to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Glory to the lamb who was slain for our iniquities. Repent of your idolatries and return to pure worship of our living God in Christ Jesus alone.

We do not need Jesus plus money, we do not need Jesus plus riches and worldly wealth. We need Jesus alone and more of Jesus each day of our lives. Jesus is our everything and all that we need. In Him, dwells the fullness of the Godhead. We have His righteousness and the favor of almighty God rests upon us.. What greater prosperity is there, then to be a child of the King? Lay your treasures up in heaven where neither moth nor rust can corrupt. For where your treasure is, there your heart is also...

We need to learn what it means to die to self.. To go to the Cross daily and be crucified with Him. The less of you, the more of Him. I must decrease, so that He may increase in me. When your vessel becomes empty He can fill you with His presence. Seek Him in that quiet place. (The cleft of the Rock) Talk to him and build and nurture your relationship with Jesus. Let His thoughts become your thoughts
and His ways, your ways.

The scripture says:
"I am crucified with Him.... Nevertheless I Live. Yet, NOT I, but Christ...
And the life that I now live, I live by FAITH in the Son of God, who loved me and gave His life for me... (Galatians 2:20)

Beloved, seek to know Him, in the power of His resurrection, and in fellowship with His sufferings. Live the Gospel... Do not be side tracked by the many false teaching of mainstream "Christianity". Seek a church where the Gospel is being preached in season and out of season. Paul said, " I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the POWER of GOD unto Salvation, for everyone that believes..."

Do not be fooled and led astray by another Gospel.. There is but one True Gospel.. All of the false teaching saturating mainstream "Christianity" today, are nothing less than counterfeits, meant to distract you and draw you away from focusing on the Cross of Jesus Christ.