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About this new library...

The Online Christian Theological Library is filled with resources and tools related to the study of the Bible and theology. Its purpose is to provide the means by which all students of the Bible may obtain information which has been gathered together as convenience.

In order to use the tools and resources of this online library, you are not required to provide any information, receive a login username (except for entering into the NTS Student Area of the library), or provide any financial gift. Access is free of charge as a service to those seeking to obtain a deeper understanding of theological / Biblical issues.

We ask that you commit to all of the Copyright guidelines established by the authors or website which are linked to, during your research. We also ask that you help spread the news of this new resource that is available to all.

We pray that the Lord Jesus would bless your time with us, and may you leave this library with some new information which would assist you in obtaining a better understanding of the God we serve.

So please enjoy and welcome!

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02/05/2008 07:15:26 -0800

Important Note: The material found in the Northwestern Theological Seminary Virtual Library does not necessarily represent the views of Northwestern Theological Seminary or its members or affiliates. The information provided is based solely for the purpose of research and as a resource to students and guests of Northwestern Theological Seminary.

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