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Thesis Writing Tips...
Trouble Getting Started?
One of the most important keys in writing a thesis is RESEARCH.

Your first step is to IDENTIFY and RETRIEVE the sources on the topic you have chosen.

You must then READ every source that you have identified and retrieved, both critically and analytically.

You continue by ORGANIZING the sources in two categories: theoretical literature and empirical literature.
theoretical literature- the analytical information with their facts, and how they relate to one another.

empirical literature- that which relies on experience or observation alone without regard to theories.

From this point on you then CREATE SUB-CATEGORIES which reflect the variables in your study and the hypotheses you have created.
These variables will represent diversified points in your tentative assumptions made through your hypotheses.

You will now be ready to DRAFT your Review of Literature, which will transform itself to be the core of your thesis as Chapter Two.
This is the body of your thesis.

A good tip to begining your thesis writing is to do your Review of Literature first.

In summary:

(3) READ
(4) ORGANIZE into two categories
(6) DRAFT your Review of Literature
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