CAM / NTS Continues Growth
Through continued prayers being offered on behalf of Dr. Ghauri, after a growth was noticed on his leg, the growth was reported to be non-tumorous and should fully disappear during recovery.
Praise God!
Christian Alliance Ministries Receives Governmental Licensing in Pakistan
We have been notified by our esteemed Dr. Jefferson Ghauri, International Director of CAM/NTS in Pakistan, that we have received Governmental Licensing as an Institution in Pakistan. One of few who are recognized by the Pakistani Government under the title of Christian and Ministries together!
Praise God!
The Spanish Seminary, Seminario Teologico Northwestern Launches To Great Reception By Hispanic Community
        Northwestern Christian University in Ghana, West Africa under the direction of University President Dr. Edward Ade, will soon hold graduation ceremony for 60- new graduates.
    Northwestern Christian University, USA under the leadership of Dr. Samuel Galloza, will soon offer Christ centered University education to the world through our University website.

You can enroll in our online Univesity by going to:

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