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Please read and acknowledge Editorial Guidelines prior to submitting any work.
All articles are submitted as a contribution to The Theology Journal.
There are no fees paid for submissions.

>Length of major article: 2000 to 5,000 words

>Length of minor articles [on topics that do not need elaborate discussion]: 100 to 2000 words

>Topics: Theology, Apologetics, related news and comments or rebuttals. Review of major developments in these subjects are also welcome as major papers.

>Illustrations/Photographs: Photographs or illustrations submitted will be reviewed electronically submitted pictures but must usually be not larger than 200 x 200 pixels in size.

>Author Photograph: Optional, not larger than 200 x 200, should be submitted with first article. Once submitted, photographs will be filed, and each submission must indicate that photograph has been submitted earlier.

>Rights: The magazine will accept original or reprinted articles. Authors should take care to secure all copyright permission and it should be sent to us with submission.

>Submission methods: Methods of submission may include fax, e-mail or hard copy sent by courier or standard mail. Electronic copies would be greatly appreciated as this reduces our workload as well as chances of typing error.

>Editorial calendar: Submission deadlines for minor articles and advertisements are the 3rd of the month for items that need to be published in the current upcoming issue. Publication of magazine will be done on the 12th of every month and timeless articles can be submitted any time.

>Format accepted: Word, WordPerfect, text or Adobe Acrobat.

>Notification: After submission, you will be contacted if the article is chosen for publication. The article can also be put on ‘pending status’ for possible future publication.

>Refereeing: All major articles are refereed by one or more competent editors. They recommend approval, approval with modification, approval with major rewrite, or rejection. Rejected papers are often reviewed by a second [or even third] referee to give a fair consideration to the author.

>Acknowledgements: Electronic acknowledgement and acceptance of Editorial Guidelines reading is done by acknowledgement receipt to registered e-mail address.

[Acknowledgement is done online by entering information and clicking Accept/Read Guidelines, you will received and e-mail in receipt of your acceptance. Your information will be confidential, and will never be provided to third parties without your consent]
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