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Taking A Moment To Reflect
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you find yourself in the heat of the battle with those that profess to have found Him. All around the world the expansion of the Gospel has brought good and healings to those that have been in need. The growth of organizations have created a mighty empire among some associations that requires them to focus more on the maintaining of their positions, which at times causes them to attack and devour even those that are part of the same faith.

What then is the motivation of those ministries that would find it easy to stand by their position that if they are not with us, they are against us?

There was a time in the New Testament when Jesus' disciples had asked Jesus to intervene in the rebuking of another body of believers who were speaking truths around the region, although they were not part of the circle of Jesus.

The fact is that in man's attempt to keep things pure, they establish for themselves exclusive rights to areas where God has made it to be universal. In the attempt to protect themselves from exterior changes and influences, they have become critics of those that don't share their same views.

It is important that as Christians and members of the Body of Christ, that we view our differences in light of Scriptures. Those things that do not violate the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ, should help to unite and not divide us.

In the book, Reconstruction in Theology, by Dr. Henry Churchill King, he writes, "Yet we are bound to work out, for our own mental peace, 'a Christian view of God and the world;' but in this necessary task it were well that we should be careful both not to be wise above that which is written, and to make a sharp separation between our own added speculations and the direct teachings of Christ" He goes on to say, "And the differences in the added speculations should not be magnified into fundamental differences. These difficulties exist for all, of all schools." It is Dr. King's observation that speculation be submitted to the teachings of Christ not allowing the speculations to become foundational differences.

The danger then falls in the side of men who without controls put in place the Scriptures using their speculations to reduce the Christian view of God and the world by enforcing an erroneous foundational difference, and allowing for division between the brethren for the purpose of maintaining their positions regardless of their compatibility to the true foundational structure of the Word of God.