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"Celebrating 26-Years of Christian Service, 1980 -2006"


Northwestern Theological Seminary has satisfied all requirements and has received full accreditation status with The American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions. Also known as the A.A.A.T.I. Address: P.O. Box 8939 Rocky Mount, NC 27804 Phone: 1-(252)-451-0024

How does Northwestern Seminary differentiate itself with other traditional Theological Schools?

Northwestern Theological Seminary utilizes a unique process for learning. Developed by our founder, Dr. Howard M.Sarkela, in early August of 1980. This process called “The analytical approach to applied education” is more than a teaching system and better termed as a contemporary process for learning and applying knowledge. Dr. Sarkela who has attended numerous colleges and universities found that the old system of education was greatly lacking in effectiveness and efficiency. He found that the archaic, yet still in practice, system of memorizing lists and cramming for examinations resulted in considerable loss of knowledge because of the fact that much which is memorized, through cramming, goes into our short term memory and may be quickly forgotten. As a result of this discovery he decided that there must be a better way, whereby students can acquire knowledge and assimilate it while at the same time being better enabled to retrieve it for application in their lives and careers.

How much do courses cost?

Tuition and related costs are very minimal and as a matter of fact very negligible in terms of the Branch Seminary program. This is done with an objective of reaching out to every student and allowing him to receive a Theological education at up to 99 percent less than a traditional degree program offered by a other Seminaries,  Colleges and Universities. In some cases you can get local sponsors from your own Church, Businessmen or acquaintances to fund those who are very poor and cannot come up with the fees. You can also introduce a scholarship program and identify sponsors for supporting deserving students.

How difficult is a NORTHWESTERN SEMINARY course?

A NORTHWESTERN SEMINARY course has a different “feel” than a traditional College course. Many College courses ask you to read a textbook or two, write some papers and a few examinations and you are done. At NORTHWESTERN SEMINARY, we teach from an experiential learning model. The Northwestern Seminary Program is unique when compared the traditional programs that are offered in many parts of the world. The curriculum is based entirely on the BIBLE and no other textbooks are recommended. One analyzes to learn specifically, what is the Lord teaching me in this text? How can I apply this information to better my service unto the Lord and others? When we analyze by asking personal questions, we look for and find results, which are easily remembered. Basically, learning is simply questions and answers. The key is in asking the right questions.

What is the Syllabus and books recommended to complete the Branch Seminary program?

At Northwestern, we believe that the BIBLE is the “Ultimate” book of knowledge, which surpasses every other book of literary knowledge known to man in terms of theological education. You can expect to connect with content available from the Bible and then learn by doing a number of smaller tasks and activities with the content throughout the course. You need to remember that the HOLY SPIRIT is your Guide, Director and Teacher in whatever you are going to learn in the Branch seminary program. There is no “cramming the night before it’s due” at NORTHWESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. Learning is progressive and builds upon previous learning with activities or “experiences.” You will need to do a minimum of five to ten hours of home study per week.

What are your academic standards?

Our academic standards are in keeping with our partner colleges as members of The American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions.

Are credits transferable to other accredited Bible colleges?

Yes, by registering to take a NORTHWESTERN SEMINARY course, you may be able to transfer that courses credit to another Bible college. However, this is contingent upon the decision of the Bible College or Seminary that you are applying to.

Can I take an entire Degree program through NORTHWESTERN SEMINARY?

Yes, Northwestern Theological Seminary offers the most time efficient and affordable way ever to receive your quality, theologically accredited, Bachelor, Degree in Theology by attending, at your own pace, from two to four years at any of the Branch seminaries located near you.

Can I take just few courses?

Of course! You are welcome to work at your own pace and complete as many assignments as you are able to in accord with your own schedule. This is the beauty of our branch seminary program.

What kind of an Internship program do you offer for students studying towards a Bachelor of Theology degree?

We built our curriculum to possibly include opportunity for practical experience in your local church or Para-church organization every semester. Our practicum courses may include the “classroom” in accompaniment to 6 hours a week of volunteer Christian service work that each student may be required to perform per semester. Prior to graduation, each student may complete a 400-hour Internship in a Christian leadership setting.

How is NORTHWESTERN SEMINARY different than a correspondence school?

Because of the simplicity of our, Basic Bible study, report writing curriculum, students may enroll at any time. Our students will engage the material being studied and discuss with your Branch Seminary instructor and fellow students ONE evening each week. You have regular contact approximately 48 times per year, with your instructor. Student Services is always available to help you. Depending on how hard you work at home and how many hours you spend studying your Bible, it will take a minimum of 2, to a maximum of 4 years, to complete the 120 credit hour course of instruction.

Is there special computer software needed to study with NORTHWESTERN SEMINARY?

No. We design our courses so even if you don't have Internet, you may still study and complete a course. All that is required is: Pencils, Paper and Bibles.

Is there financial assistance to study with NORTHWESTERN SEMINARY?

A limited number of students upon their recommendation of the Branch seminary Pastor or instructor can approach Northwestern Regional Directors for considering a tuition waiver. However this would be made available to very poor and economically backward students.
Can we promote this Branch seminary through our Church cell groups?
Absolutely. You can promote the Branch seminary program through the Cell churches within your respective Churches or in alliance with other Churches. You can ask your Cell Church or Care cell leaders to take up the initiative to teach a class each time they meet their groups every week. This could experience an exponential growth in terms of reaching out to a wider audience.

What are the other ministries developed under the leadership of Dr. Sarkela?

The following ministries were established under the able guidance and visionary zeal of Dr. Howard Sarkela:
  1. Christian Alliance Ministries Worldwide
  2. Northwestern Theological Seminary
  3. Northwestern Christian University
  4. The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ

Recently, we heard from reliable sources that you are establishing a full time Northwestern Christian University, is it true?

Our National Director, Dr. Edward Ade in Ghana, West Africa and Christian Alliance Ministries President Dr. Howard M. Sarkela have opened the Northwestern Christian University in Ghana, Africa. Dr. Ade has also been approved to build a new building to house Northwestern Christian University on land donated to the ministry. This involves a joint VISION that both Dr. Ade and Dr Sarkela have to build a Bible City there. At the center of the City, will be our Northwestern Christian University and also a Government building that is part of the agreement with the Government there. Northwestern Christian University is chartered by Christian Alliance Ministries / Northwestern Theological Seminary.
Dr. Edward Ade has been appointed as the President of the University in Africa and Dr. Sarakela remains as the Presiding Pastor. This university will offer residential degree programs on campus to all citizens of the continent of Africa only.

We have also established Northwestern Christian University USA, which is an Online University providing education to the world and headquartered in the U.S.A. Dr. Samuel Galloza is President of Northwestern Christian University, USA and our Senior Bishop, Dr. Sarkela is Presiding Pastor. Please pray for the success and development of our Northwestern Christian University. We thank the Lord for all He is doing in the fulfillment of the VISION, that He gave to Dr. Ade and Dr.Sarakela.

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