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NTS Branch Seminary Program

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 “The Branch Seminary Program Prospectus”


The Vision

The staff and leadership of Northwestern Theological Seminary recognize our primary goal as educating believers to fulfill their obligation to obey the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who commanded us to go into all of the world and share the Gospel and to make disciples of all nations.

The concept of The Branch Seminary program is to provide a Christian Educational Program that can be both affordable and attainable by any student in the world. Utilizing the simplicity of a Associate of Theology in Biblical Studies curriculum which is based entirely on the 66-books of the Holy Bible as the only textbooks. After completion of the Associate Degree (60 credit) curriculum, students may continue with the Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies curriculum and an additional 60 credits will then be awarded at completion, totaling 120 credits for award of the Bachelor Degree. The Bachelor Degree curriculum requires completion of specific Learning Module assignments. Because we focus on the Bible only and not denominational doctrine, the Branch Seminary Program concept, as stated, is applicable to be used by any Church, Ministry or Religious Organization regardless of Denominational Affiliation.


The Beginning

Early in August of 1980, Dr. Howard M. Sarkela, Founder and Presiding Pastor of Christian Alliance Ministries and Northwestern Theological Seminary, developed a learning process called, “The analytical approach to applied education.”

Dr. Sarkela found that the archaic system of last minute cramming and memorization for examinations resulted in considerable loss of potential knowledge due to the negative consequence of such knowledge being stored in short term memory.

The analytical approach provides for the student a system of relating research and study of specific information with areas of personal experience causing a link between the new information and aspects of the long-term memory of the student.

When we analyze by asking personal questions, we involve personal interest and we then acquire knowledge that is more easily remembered. The key to remembering the answers is to personally relate, which promotes a more effective, personal interest in finding solutions and answers to questions and hypothesis.


The Program

The Branch Seminary Program was structured as a simple course of study that can be implemented internationally leading to a Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies (B.Th. in Biblical Studies) from Northwestern Theological Seminary.

Utilizing the Bible as the textbook, students obtain a complete overview of every chapter found in the books of the Bible. This is accomplished by answering two questions, which provide for 1. Observation   2. Interpretation   3. Application, and 4. Correlation.

The student will answer two questions that are meant to relate the information from an analytical approach on every chapter:

1)       What is the Lord teaching me from this chapter of Scripture?

2)       How may I apply what I have learned to my life and the ministry of helping others?

Through a ONCE per week meeting at a designated location, the student may review with an instructor questions with regards to the chapter assignments and need for clarifications. The structure of the program is one that provides for the individual student to be part of a group of seminary students while at the same time working on individual programs. Duration of the 120 credit degree program will be approximately 3-4 years, depending on the home study time schedule of each individual student.

A new student would start their course in the New Testament then after finishing the New Testament, begin and complete the Old Testament. Students can work at home at their own individual pace. This provides for a unique opportunity, since this allows for open enrollment allowing new students to enroll at on any day of any week and to be accepted into the seminary continually throughout each and every month of the year.


The Branch Director

Branch Directors and Branch Seminary group leaders who are appointed by Directors to meet with student groups when a Director has established multiple Branch Seminaries, should be persons who have a broad knowledge and understanding of Scripture.  The Director may choose to appoint volunteer leaders to meet with students once per week allowing for the opening of a large network of seminary  branches. Branches can meet in private homes, offices or Churches. The Director can also charge a small monthly tuition fee; this will provide a monthly income for the Director’s Ministry. Northwestern Theological Seminary Headquarters does not require any payment for this program. This allows for the Director to implement a self-supportive program. The monthly tuitions should provide income well above the cost of operating the program. The branch volunteer leaders meet with students for 2 hours on just one night per week and should not be paid for their volunteer ministry service. Furthermore, there should be no cost for the use of a donated room for one evening per week. The only supplies needed are Bibles, Pencils and Paper, which should be provided by the students. A Director’s promotion or appointment to Regional Director is contingent on the number of seminaries and students being trained in your branch seminary network.


The Degree

The Branch Seminary is authorized to offer two-degree programs, the Associate of Theology in Biblical Studies and the Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies. These degreess are both a State authorized and theologically accredited degrees, completion of the degree program allows for enrollment in the Online Masters Degree Graduate Program with Northwestern Theological Seminary through the Internet.


May God bless the reader and the doer…

Presiding Bishop Dr. Howard M. Sarkela         Founder and Presiding Pastor CAM / NTS / WCJC

Bishop, Dr. Samuel Galloza                              President  NTS Worldwide  and  NCU, USA

Bishop, Dr. Carlos F. Molina                           Vice President NTS Spanish Branch Semianry Program

Dr. Miguel Contreras                                       Vice President  CAM Internal and Internet security



Worldwide Seminary and University Headquarters

 Northwestern Theological Seminary / Northwestern Christian University

4686 So-Hi Boulevard Golden Valley, Arizona  86413

 9438 US HWY. 19N. #117 Port Richey, Florida 34668




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