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The Theology Journal (TTJ), a ministry of Christian Alliance Ministries, was founded in the year 2004 by Dr. Samuel Galloza. It is dedicated to providing articles, news, and communication within a theological and apologetic scope of Christianity. It's principal office is located in Pennsylvania USA, with advisors worldwide.

It is our mission to maintain a high standard of ethics and morals, providing an opportunity for the ideas and positions of those involved in the study of theology, students or scholars, to be expressed and their opinions heard.

Everyone associated with TTJ is either a student or teacher of theology or apologetics, or both, who share in the vision of this ministry.

TTJ is a non-profit, no cost, web based web based magazine. The opinions expressed in the Internet magazine are solely those of the contributing writers, and not necessarily those of TTJ and Christian Alliance Ministries.

In 2005, TTJ joined itself to Christian Alliance Ministries Worldwide, in Port Richey, Florida. Christian Alliance Ministries, under Presiding Pastor and Founder, Dr. Howard M. Sarkela, has been in the educational ministry for 26 years. TTJ now represents CAM and Northwestern Theological Seminary worldwide.

The editor reserves the right to reject publication of any submission that is found to be outside the norms of responsible reporting identified by the Editorial Board of TTJ.
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